Los Angeles’ government is looking for a new Chief Procurement Officer

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The city of Los Angeles is seeking a Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), with the position having been created as part of a wider local government remodelling on structural leadership.

The role will entail forming cost reduction strategies through the creation of innovative procurement methods, policies and practices.

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Once hired, the new CPO “will be responsible for the development of a plan to strategically leverage the city’s spend, identify cost savings, employ long-range operational policies and procedures that align with industry best practices, increase transparency, and reduce time to contract with the city,” the city statement said.

With procurement proven to be a key component to the growth and success of an organisation, the move makes sense with the city looking for an innovative and analytical individual with a proven track record of cutting costs and improving operations.

The statement has listed the use of ever evolving technologies as a requirement, in line with the growing emphasis that is being placed on the development of procurement technologies such as blockchain and AI solutions.

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